Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eliminating Your Potty Training Blues

Q: What are some helpful tips I can use to potty train my child?

A: Potty training can be a very difficult and time consuming task. Some parents say the difficulty depends on the child's gender. Nonetheless to say, potty training doesn't have to be difficult at all. I have found some techniques that makes potty training a breeze. Right now I have a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter, and well potty training was not difficult at all using some of the techniques I will share with you. I will also share my resources from 3 different books I read and which I incorporated all three techniques to have successful potty training experience. Here are my potty training tips.

Don't get your child use to wearing pull ups. Pull ups is just a slight step up to diapers. The longer you have your child in diapers or pull ups, the harder your potty training experience will be. Mentally your child will still feel its o.k to potty themselves because of the wearing the diapers or pull ups. As soon as the age of wearing pull ups is needed the time for the potty is needed.

Making potty training fun, exciting, ana rewarding to your child. Children will get more excited if you make a game and reward your child's accomplishments.

Encorage your child be letting them know they have potty trained themselves. Giving your child praise gives them the feeling of accomplishment, which makes them happy and wanting more praise.
These are a few tips to make potty training more fun and easy. Here are the 3 books as my resources I used personally with my children. These 3 books are written by other parenting experts.

Book #1: Written by a mother of 4 and home daycare owner "Start Potty Training". You can find a video introduction and the book at this link: http://6e293fpf-wcy8lao200ryp5yfg.hop.clickbank.net/

Book #2: Potty Training by Noon is another great book that gives fun and exciting ways to potty train your child. You can find testimonial and the book at this link: http://e391c6fc-zhz6w0drysqoc-7xv.hop.clickbank.net/

Book #3: Written by a child psychologist and father of 4 boys, "How to Potty Train Your Child In Hours", is a great potty training book! He uses the H.E.A.R.T Method. For more information and his extra bonuses you can visit this link: http://14853dncwvdu1pcaqgz4uib7pr.hop.clickbank.net/

These are my resources I personally used, and which I consider the best techniques. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them. Thank for visiting and God Bless.